Visual + Interaction Designer


I am a Designer currently studying at Carnegie Mellon University.


A little about me–

I am a Visual and Interaction Designer from Cincinnati, OH. Entering my senior year at Carnegie Mellon University, I am pursuing a Communication Design Major, Human-Computer Interaction Major, Art Minor, and Media Design Concentration/Minor.  

My work spans many areas: Print, UI/UX, Motion Graphics, Data Visualization, Illustration, etc. I'm most excited by Design projects that initiate interaction and involvement of the user. I aim to make work that is both intuitive and delightful.

Throughout my studies, I've learned that in Design, there is never a definite answer to a given problem. Instead, it is a matter of figuring out which approach to task. I find comfort in ambiguity such as this because of my love for strategizing and solving problems. For this reason, my favorite part of a project is discovering the creative direction.

I'm incredibly driven and meticulous in my design practice, powered by empathy for the user and a love for experimentation and learning. Outside of the studio, you'll catch me doing yoga, reading science fiction, photographing colors and patterns, admiring book covers, and drinking too much coffee. 

I'll be graduating in May 2018 and am currently looking for full-time opportunities.