Visual + Interaction Designer

Lunar Gala: Sonder

Visual Design, Web UI

Lunar Gala Web 2017


Lunar Gala is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University invested in cultivating interdisciplinary creative talent within the community. It happens yearly. This year, the theme was Sonder. I was on the Creative Board, who designs the brand and experience of the show. Specifically, I was on the Web Design Team, working as a Visual Interaction Designer. 

My responsibilities were mostly assisting Zai in the overall design of the sites, but I also got to help with the coding. We used HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. 

I worked under my coordinator Zainab Aliyu. We also had a developer on our team - Aaron Friedlander.

Over the school year, Zai and I typically met weekly to work on LG Web projects. However, for the theme site for Sonder, we only had a few weeks so we met up more frequently to design.

Zai and I worked on two sites. One was for the organization itself. The other was for this year's Sonder theme.  Please click on the links to experience the website yourself!

If you missed the show, you can click here to watch the video from when it was live streamed.




 We used Sketch for our mockups. I helped with all the pages, but my main contribution to UI/UX was on the Lines page.



My contributions to code were mainly with the HTML and CSS. However, throughout the time working on the sites, I was able to help a little with the Javascript. This was also my first time working in Wordpress and using PHP. Additionally, I learned how to code collaboratively using GitHub.


Visual Brand Assets

In addition, some of the visual brand assets that I helped create for web were able to be incorporated in other parts of the visual system. The photos that I edited of the lines in the show were used in the programs.