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"Assemblage" was our senior design show at the Miller Gallery. 

I worked with others on the team to define the final brand guidelines that we settled on. I also designed all of the vinyl, which was our way of bringing the brand into the gallery space. 

Of our class of 48, a team of 12 of us worked on the branding  and marketing for the show. 

The project lasted about 1.5 months. 

In the end, we found a design language that pleased the class as a representation of our diverse range of work and personalities. 



Final Pieces

Assemblage is the act of building our voice, our past experiences, and our areas of interests into our design process. This process is often a push and pull of how we express ourselves in our work. Yet, it is this balance that makes each piece in the show unique, despite having the same start.

The visual language is designed to look like an annotated and expanded schematic of our design process. It explains how we make/assemble our designs. It is cross-sectioned by examples of our work, which come together into the "Assemblage" that is our show. 



Posters that we hung up on the first floor of the gallery. We also used them to advertise with in the School of Design's building, Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall.



This motion piece was projected on the second floor of the gallery. In the video, images of the Senior class move in perspective around the logo. The videos are attempts to capture each student in the class' personality.



Booklets distributed by the reception desk on the first floor.





Labels installed around the pieces in the gallery.



Each floor had a map by the elevator to orient the viewer and explain the different sections of the gallery. The map was also featured in the booklet.


The Process

Defining the Brand

The branding team held meetings 1-2 times a week. For each meeting, you would work with a smaller sub-team to bring in ideas for the wordmark or the brand's concept. Then, we would discuss what was or was not working. It was my sub-team of me, Sara Remi, Sharon, and Treat that presented the concept, "Assemblage." We presented a schematic of the design process as a starting off point.



Wordmark Explorations

We wanted the wordmark to represent the many different styles of the students in our class. We felt each student had a very unique voice that they bring to the studio. The final wordmark accomplishes this by having a different typeface for each letter. 


Establishing Final Direction

We iterated on the idea of an expanded schematic. An additional challenge was to make it clear that this was a gallery show of student work. A constraint that we had was that there had to be three main colors in the brand, since we are the first year of CMU Design to have 3 tracks to study from: Products, Communications, and Environments. 


Vinyl Presentation

Before prepping to work on vinyl, I prepped a presentation to the entire Branding team. I wanted to make sure we were in agreement about how the wordmark manifests in the space.

The video sketch was made fairly quickly, and I passed finalizing the wordmark and video off to Sharon so that I could focus on vinyl for the remainder of the project. Creating this quick sketch helped me show that the wordmark when assembling should be in 2D and scattered. When the letters are assembled, they are in 3D.

I demonstrated through photoshopping photos of the Miller Gallery how this would look in vinyl. Floor 2 has scattered letters and floor 3 has the wordmark in perspective.  We also decided from the presentation to use the vinyl dashed lines element.


Finalizing and Installing Vinyl

Following being given the dimensions of the space from the Curation team. I worked with my professor, Dylan, to print the vinyl correctly. 

With other members of the branding team, we cut and installed the vinyl ourselves on to the walls.