Expression / Artwork

Instagram Sculptures

On my Instagram (@faithkaufman), I often turn physical spaces into digital representations through manipulating camera angle or making edits. I'll often tag the location in my posts.

I enjoy capturing incidental moments of pattern, order, and repetition around me through my images. To create the sculpted forms, I returned a selection of the Instagram posts to a physical form. However, to become physical again, the images follow my creative process by going through an additional level of abstraction—an alteration of form and color.

In their new forms, the images have broken out of the patterns and repetitions that I had originally curated on my Instagram, into more scattered compositions. 




In 10 seconds, I distort the repetitive motion of a hair flip to be abstracted. In each subsequent second, it becomes slightly less abstract. By the end of the video, it is clear that it is a human figure. 



Ballerina Cyborg

Inspired by jewelry boxes with ballerinas frozen in a mechanical rotation, I created a digital piece where I am performing as the ballerina piece in an endless loop of a turn. As I spin, I "spot" the mirror, a dance term meaning that I hold focus on the mirror for as long as possible. The piece act as a commentary on the idealized visions we impose on children, reflected in objects such as jewelry boxes.