Recent Work


Examples of Recent Work


Chicago Design Week: Event Animation

Chicago Design Week Animations for IA Collaborative’s Designing for the Future We Want Panel Event. Coded in processing with Natalia Rojas.



2019 New Years Card: Build Kindness Not Walls

In the midst of the 2018/2019 government shutdown, I created a new years card inspired by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman’s “Build Kindness Not Walls” project. Though the shapes form a wall, the bricks are also meant to convey that the future isn’t set. And that there is hope for change in the new year.



Youtube Stage

After researching Youtube as well as other social network platforms, Sharon Yu, Lily Kim, and I brought data visualization to life through motion and respond to the data with an exploratory probe.

Comparing different social media networks, we discovered there were two main types of communication: one-to-one and one-to-many. Youtube’s main form of commenting is a visible discussion with the entire community (one-to-many). Introducing a new way to connect with members of the Youtube community. Youtube Stage brings back the community features from Youtube’s earlier history in a way that fits with the platform's current one-to-many focus.



February Leminar Poster

Created a poster to advertise leminars (learning seminars_ happening at the office, themed around the Chinese New Year.



November Leminar Poster

Created a poster to advertise leminars happening at the office. The titles presented a juxtaposition of algorithmic and friendly feelings. For the poster, I abstracted the rigid architecture around me to feel more loose, and used aggressive type to contrast with the inviting titles.



OOO La La Album Cover

Created theme and visual for a January travel tunes playlist at the office. O(ut) O(f) O(ffice) La La.



Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal Shower Invitations. I chose a 50s-inspired color palette to match the party theme and decoration. I used an illustration style that felt celebratory for the occasion.




Experimental collage done in collaboration with Juan Aranda. Photographed printed strips of a transcribed dinner conversation. Post photo-manipulation, the design was CNC-milled and woodblock printed.



Warren Lehrer: A Life in Books Lecture

This poster was commissioned by the CMU School of Design to get students excited for Warren Lehrer's A Life in Books Lecture at CMU, which is part of his tour.

I chose to include an image of Warren Lehrer in the poster because his newest book about Bleu Mobley is somewhat autobiographical. The style of the poster is inspired by his earlier work, such as French Fries. I also printed the poster using risograph to achieve a similar visual effect to his work.



Women at LinkedIn Logo

I worked with Anqi Wan, another intern at LinkedIn, to create this logo for one of the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at LinkedIn. The three words that they wanted the logo to express were "community," "growth," and "belonging."



LinkedIn Blueprint: Design Open House

All 6 of the design interns at LinkedIn in the summer of 2017 collaborated together to create this poster, as well as the branding for a Design Open House. During this event, we invited design interns from around the bay area to come to LinkedIn and discover what the design work and culture is like. For our brand, we created a typographic system based on an isometric grid. The image was used to create an identity including shirts, signage, stickers, and marketing for the event.




Zodiac Shit

Inspired by Nosaj Thing's song, "Zodiac Shit." The oscillating sound of the song made me think of the way that CMYK lamps break apart a white light into 4 shades of color.  



MARCH Album Cover

March album artwork for IA Collaborative, recognizing the musicians who work to destroy oppressive structures, systems, and standards.

Vinyl Record PSD MockUp.png


Uber Retreat

I was given one week to create illustrations for an Uber retreat event. Since the event was happening at Monterey Bay, I gave the visuals an Open Sea theme. I designed materials for the event that illustrated the values of Uber, and allowed employees to better understand their own values. The materials also help the designers to collaborate and communicate by better understanding each others’ interests and skills.