Visual Design: Freelance, Experiments, and Practice

Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble


Poster designs commissioned by the Carnegie Mellon School of Music. To create the composition, I photographed clay that I had hand-modeled. 



Dinner pARTy Poster Campaign

Dinner pARTy was a community research project investigating and exploring unique ways of fostering diversity and inclusion within and beyond Carnegie Mellon University through experimental dinner parties. For each dinner, we planned activities and exercises that could create inclusive experiences and thought-provoking conversations. For each themed dinner, I created a poster to advertise the event. 



Feel of Someone


Experimental collage done in collaboration with Juan Aranda. It's expressive of the lack of physicality in conversations/relationships in the digital age.



Sustainability Weekend


Poster commissioned by the "Sustainability Weekend" at CMU. The graphics were created using a collage of photographs I took at a botanical garden. The project was done in collaboration with Anqi Wan



The Inventure Lab



Floating Matter

Creating the feeling of floating in space using lacquer and water. 



Sound Poetry Keyboard

Coded in Processing. Typically sound poetry is a visual script that influences how the reader should perform it. Instead, this typing experience creates visuals affected by the sounds heard by/around the performer. In the process, it also creates sounds of its own. 



Warren Lehrer: A Life in Books Lecture

This poster was commissioned by the CMU School of Design to get students excited for Warren Lehrer's A Life in Books Lecture at CMU, which is part of his tour.

I chose to include an image of Warren Lehrer in the poster because Bleu Mobley is a somewhat autobiographical character. The style of the poster is inspired by his earlier work, such as French Fries. I also printed the poster using risograph to achieve a similar visual effect to his work.



Women at LinkedIn Logo

I worked with Anqi Wan, another intern at LinkedIn, to create this logo for one of the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at LinkedIn. The three words that they wanted the logo to express were "community," "growth," and "belonging."



Postcard Pop-Up Shop

Repurposed my color and pattern experiments into postcards. Sold them at a pop-up shop at the Sunsmash event, hosted by CMU Design League.



Ballad of the Little Red La-z-boy recliner

The prompt was to create a portrait of who might have written the Craigslist ad (included on the poster). I met with a "Dungeons and Dragons" Dungeon Master to photograph his game space to show where the author might have been as they typed the "Ballad of the Little Red La-z-boy recliner."



LinkedIn Blueprint: Design Open House

All 6 of the design interns at LinkedIn in the summer of 2017 collaborated together to create this poster, as well as the branding for a Design Open House. During this event, we invited design interns from around the bay area to come to LinkedIn and discover what the design work and culture is like. For our brand, we created a typographic system based on an isometric grid. The image was used to create an identity including shirts, signage, stickers, and marketing for the event.




Bobcat Illustration

Illustration of a bobcat (my spirit animal) made from cut paper.



Dance is Communication

Kinetic typography of Martha Graham's words. I found footage of a dancer performing her practice technique. I used the motions as a way to add emphasis and meaning to the words she is speaking. 




Experimental poster showing the entrance into an alternate dimension. 



City Grid

Best viewed at 1080p !

A collaboration with Soonho Kwon. Coded in basil.js in Indesign to create experimental grids inspired by a photo Soonho took with a drone of Schenley Plaza in Pittsburgh. Printed in Riso. 



Zodiac Shit

Inspired by Nosaj Thing's song, "Zodiac Shit." The oscillating effect of the song made me think of the way that CMYK lamps break apart a white light into 4 shades of color. I tried to demonstrate this with these two graphic posters. 



The Festival of New Music 2016

A poster I created for the Festival of New Music 2016. My intention was for the poster to reflect the experimental yet elegant qualities of the New Music genre.



Turtle Graphics Pattern

Experiment in javascript. A slowly defined pattern created by Turtle Graphics.