I am a Designer currently studying at Carnegie Mellon University.


Hey there–

Though I proudly identify as a Graphic Designer, you’ll find me working across industries (Beauty, Technology, Finance, Food, Automobile, etc.), at the intersection of disciplines (Design, Art, Computation, etc.), and producing a wide range of deliverables (Print, Motion, Web, Illustration, Experience, Research, Art Direction, etc.). I’m always on the lookout for new perspectives to bring into my work.

I got my Bachelor of Design from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018. I graduated with a Communication Design Major, Human-Computer Interaction Major, Art Minor, and Media Design Minor. I currently work at IA Collaborative in Chicago, blending strategy and graphic design.

Feel free to reach out to me about freelance opportunities!

Clients: Audi, Tyson, Capital Group, Eli Lilly 


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